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On your gambling trips you don’t just need to stick to the casinos.  There are a lot of other things that you can bet on.  The biggest being Sports Betting.  Whether you are betting on Football, Golf, Horse racing, Tennis, Formula 1, Rugby, American football, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball or greyhounds, there is plenty to keep you entertained day in – day out.

You can bet on it from the comfort of your own  from your computer or mobile device (as long as it is legal in your country) or you can bet at a variety of places such as at the racetrack, in your local bookmaker or in your casino.

Everyone has an opinion on who will win, so why not put your money where your mouth is.

As part of my Gambling Traveller experience, I LOVE to place a bet on a sporting event and then go and watch it live.  Nothing beats cheering your selection on whilst being so close to the action!

The great thing about Sports betting as well is that whilst you can’t directly change the result, you can do research and use statistics in order to bet smarter and therefore increase your chance of winning the bet.

What better way to travel, than to travel whilst following a sport that you love?  Pick a team that goes all over the world, and follow them.  You get to see the world at the same time!

Formula 1 and Motogp are great examples of sports where, if you were to watch them live, you would go all over the world and see some amazing places, all whilst enjoying watching the sport you love.

Various bookmakers may run special promotions to give you the chance to WIN a live sporting experience.  Lots of online bookies will have corporate boxes at various sporting stadiums that they use to spend time with their punters.  That could be you!!

So, get involved and travel the world in style by betting on your favourite sport.




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I must stress that Gambling should be fun. When it is no longer fun and starts to become a problem, I suggest you stop and get help. Visit GamCare for help and advice.